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    Re: SC 637-01 on a MPC 4504

    I also had this one on a new mp c306sp. SC637-01 appears arbitrary if one tries color calibration, printer configpage printout etc...
    My colleagues from showroom had to test installed MyQ soluition on the machine.
    In the meantime, the new machine should be preinstalled in the workshop for another customer. I have uninstalled the app an d the problems began.
    What I've tried: 1. HDD format all, 2. Add book init all, 3. FW package with each FW file in romdata update, 4. Cheetah system SOP update, 5. LegacyUI and App updates of SOP, 6. Memory clear SP-5-801-*** without SP-5-801-001 and SP-5-801-002!!!), 7. SP-5-761-001 Cheetah restore the defaults.. but no luck. The solution was a SP-5-801-001. Nice work to enter non defaults to the machine from birth cert

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    SC 637-01 on a MPC 4504

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    Re: SC 637-01 on a MPC 4504

    We've just had this on one of our showroom copiers as well. Once again the IT numpties installed trial solutions on a machine then when they removed it didn't set everything back to factory standard.
    With the help of the wizards at NTS we tried these setting which seems to have done the trick.

    Check User Tools > System Settings:
    1. User Authentication Management > set to "OFF"
    2. Machine action when limit is reached > set to "Allow Continue Use"
    3. Enhanced Print Volume Use Limitation > Tracking Permission & Stop Printing > set to "OFF"
    4. Auto Delete User in Address Book > set to "OFF"
    5. SP-5-401-230 > set to Initial (00H)

    Edit.. forgot to say didn't have to reformat HDD or wipe NVRAM so didn't have to spend hours re-entering the birth cert info. and end up with a confused copier.

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    Re: SC 637-01 on a MPC 4504

    My theroy is the removal of the software solution via DRS corrupts the machines Java SDK.
    I fixed it in the end by re-installing the software solution then disabling and removing it manually from the WIM.

    This came about after spending hours of trying various things (some mentioned above).
    The only thing I didn't do was a memory all clear as it can cause far more problems than it solves in my experience

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