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Hi guys, I have Ricoh 2105 that jams out of all trays, any size, not constantly. We have thrown brand new rollers in all trays and it did not help. It is pulling multiple sheets. Waching machine feeding looks like it feeds a sheet, takes one but sep. roller kicks second page back too far and then next feeding step takes several pages at once - it could take up to 4-5 sheets. Is there a speed of Sep roller adjustment or any other solutions please?
I had sprayed paper with antistatic spray to illuminate excess of static attraction - no real results
Thank you.
To fix the multifeeds on the 2105 you need to go into service mode and go to service program sp1907-001 and set the value from 0 to 10. Do this on all sp modes for 1907-001 to 007. This will put a 10 ms delay between each sheet being fed out of the tray which will reduce the multifeeds. You can go up to 20 if you are still getting multifeeds. If you don't have this sp in service then your firmware is out dated.