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    Re: MX4141 squeaking from web unit.

    I have had this happen a few times and I finally changed the sim 43 settings on the web advance to move after every job and to move after 50 copies/prints. Seems to help but if they are doing full color posters/prints it will still happen periodically. I don't change the number of cycles it runs haven't really found a need for it yet. I would also check your orange sponge roller for toner buildup that comes through the web. This will cause the web to stick and not advance. This will run the web out pretty quickly though.

    Good luck.


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    MX4141 squeaking from web unit.

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    Re: MX4141 squeaking from web unit.

    Try checking out TT-012916_2. It was a bulletin Sharp put out for the MX3140/3640 series color machines. But it deals with the same issues. When doing heavy amounts of toner coverage pages, the web just build up. This bulletin addresses this by changing how fast and how much web to advance after each job or set of jobs. You may run through the web roller a bit quicker, but at least not be called out every week or so because of the annoying squeal that this causes. I have adjusted the settings for the series mentioned in the bulletin as well as series of machines you are working on.

    Good luck!

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    Re: MX4141 squeaking from web unit.

    Thanks for all the replies. I have reset the web counter. Sharps site seems to be down right now so I have not looked at TT-012916_2 yet. I did talk to sharp tech support and he gave me settings to change to that I suspect are what is said on the service bulliten. I will check when I can get onto their site. So now I will wait and see if it comes back or not.

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