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    Sharp MX-5050v with ITC Systems 5400 series coin op control

    I've got a 5050v that we're supposed to connect an ITC Systems 5400 series coin op. I cannot seem to configure it properly. I've tried various settings within 26-03 (Auditor settings) as well as various settings within the ITC 5400 setup.
    Does anyone have the proper configuration for these two systems to communicate properly?
    I do have the correct cables connected and I do have enable/disable functionality when I drop a dime in the machine. For instance:
    B/W copies are .10 and Color is .25.
    I drop a dime in and the copier enables copy function. However it won't increment the clicks to the coin op. You can make 1000 copies with just one dime. It never disables after the alloted clicks (the coin op still says that you have 10 cents inserted).
    You can also make color copies with just a dime.
    Sharp Technical support had no suggestions other than contacting ITC Systems. ITC Systems gave me their suggested configuration. However, this still isn't functioning properly.
    Has anyone had success with these two units being configured to work properly?


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    Re: Sharp MX-5050v with ITC Systems 5400 series coin op control

    I'd be putting it back on ICT Systems until it's either sorted, or one of their Tech's comes to site to configure correctly.

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    Re: Sharp MX-5050v with ITC Systems 5400 series coin op control

    I only have a guess. Are you using a DVEND kit from Sharp. I've taken several calls that turned out to be a poor connection in the fuse holder. this stopped it from providing 24 VDC tot he DVEND kit. They may have different Sharp settings but normally pvendor 1 is used and mode 3 is set. Count up timing is usually exit_out.

    A voltage check with a meter on the proper pins will tell you if a 24 volt pulse is being provided by Sharp to the vend unit. The vendor should have been able be able to tell you what pins. No voltage = Sharp issue. Voltage sent = vendor issue.
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