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    Toshiba es120 Oldie

    Hey Gentleman & Ladies, sold this es120 back around 2000. 1st service call the other day. I know wow.
    25k Maintenance Icon on display, new drum and developer and reset maintenance icon.
    Now my issue is I can't reset wrench for the life of me...
    Cosmos won't reload on desktop, and checked out Sharp Service Manual to wits end.
    What's up with this oldie but goodie....I use the term loosely..

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    Toshiba es120 Oldie

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    Re: Toshiba es120 Oldie

    Toshiba Japan ended support for this model in 2017. Toner, parts and tech support are no longer available from Toshiba.

    You need to say too bad, so sad and move on.

    A shiny, new eStudio 478s would be the perfect solution.

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    Toshiba es120 Oldie

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    Re: Toshiba es120 Oldie

    Did you clear the SIM codes? (24-06) (20-1)

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    Re: Toshiba es120 Oldie

    Toshiba E-Studio 120 / 150
    Diagnostic access:
    Press Clear key, exposure mode key, clear key, exposure mode key.
    Press number of code using 10s and 1s key. Press "Start."
    Enter the number of the sub code. Press "Start" key
    To quit: turn off the machine.
    20/01: Clear PM count.

    24: Sub code 01: Clear jam counter.
    Sub code 04: Clear SPF counter.
    Sub code 06: Clear developer counter.
    Sub code 07: Reset drum count, turn off drum light.
    Sub code 08: Clear copy counter.
    Sub code 09: Clear printer counter.
    Sub code 13: Reset scan counter.
    Sub code 14: Clear SPF jam counter.
    Sub code 15: Clear scan counter.

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    Re: Toshiba es120 Oldie

    toshiba 478s isnt a rebranded lexmark?

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    Re: Toshiba es120 Oldie

    Cleared a lot of these POC Sharps. Do like others said and tell them to upgrade as soon as possible.
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