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    Toshiba eStudio 230 - E010 Error Code (Paper Jam in the Engine)

    This copier jams on every page immediately following warm-up. After that jam, you can print all you want without issue. As soon as it drops to sleep mode and cools down, it will jam on the 1st page following warm-up again. In the morning, the copier smells hot before it's even used. If the first page following warm-up does make it out successfully, the first 2-3 inches of the page are wavy and "crisp" like a page that has been stuck in the fuser.

    It appears that the fuser it too hot on initial warm-up, making the pages curl. There is a little sensor between the fuser and the exit rollers that the paper should push out of the way upon exit, but the middle of the curled page get hung on this sensor - curling the page and creating an acordian.

    Is it possible the fuser is overheating? Is the temperature adjustable? Any other ideas? TY

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    Toshiba eStudio 230 - E010 Error Code (Paper Jam in the Engine)

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    Re: Toshiba eStudio 230 - E010 Error Code (Paper Jam in the Engine)

    Check the little black rollers in the fuser frame above the separation finger in the fuser and also the ones in the exit area to see if any toner is on them. If you suspect the fuser of getting to hot, check the thermistors are clean, not worn and in the correct position. How many copies/prints since the fuser rollers and separation fingers were changed ?

    It didn't say that I couldn't do it in the manual.

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