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    Xerox DocuCentre SC2020 - email scan error message " there is an unauthorised adress"

    Hello There

    I have a clients Xerox DC SC2020 displaying mentioned error message everytime an email scan is made. The email scan configuration is all good. Correct SMTP address with port number, no logins. Senders email address is correct plus all TCP IP4 details ip, gateway, DNS have all been entered correctly but I still get this error message when am trying to email scan.

    I tried testing on a same model machine on a different network and email scan worked fine, no issues. I crosse checked the settings for this machine with the email scan issue machine and is all good.

    I believe it could be a firmware issue, or client ICT issue that's needs to be properly looked at.

    Kindly asking if any who may have came across the same issue and was able to rectify it assist me.


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    Re: Xerox DocuCentre SC2020 - email scan error message " there is an unauthorised adr

    A coworker had a very similar experience with a WC3615 recently. Same error message after double and triple checking all ip, dns, domain, smtp , etc... he had to get their corporate IT involved and they reconfigured settings. In our case the machine was working fine for over one year year then suddenly, not. Unfortunately I never found out what the exact cause was but my guess is it had more to do with ‘end point security’ on their network than smtp configuration. My coworker had mentioned that he couldn’t get out to the internet from his laptop on that machines ethernet cable, and also, if he set the machine to dhcp it wouldn’t grab a valid address. My guess is someone at the store connected an ‘unauthorized’ laptop on the MFPs ethernet cable and caused the end point security to lock down that port on the switch. TLR? Contact the customers IT Dept. Cheers.

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