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    Xerox 212 metered to non-metered

    I am looking for the code or instructions on how to change settings on a Xerox 212, from metered supply to non-metered supply.

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    I haven't seen such a modification for that model.
    I think you can change only the chip (every 18,000 copies)
    for about two times, I don't think the toner unit (drum+stuff) will last more than that because the DV unit mag roller runs on 2 thin soft-nylon made spacers that wear real quick and triggers an intermittent U9 after that.

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    There is a way but I do not have it anymore.
    Basically you need a new main board
    Short the battery out (or run the nvram clear I forgot which)
    power on with the cartridge door open
    insert the type cartridge you want to use
    power off (with the door open)
    then power on with the door closed and then run the nvram clear a second time
    power off then reset the nvram tables and it should take the desired cartridge.

    This can only be done once for each main board.

    I do not know if this is the correct way (but it should be close) it has only been 6 years since I did one.

    And Star Trek was just a tv show...yeah right!

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