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    Deteremine M20i Supply Stats?

    Is there a way to determine the toner or drum status on a M20i before the machne says it's time to replace?

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    Re: Deteremine M20i Supply Stats?

    Toner: You can feel/balance it and determine how much toner seems to be left inside, also there's a window you can shine light through top to bottom. Still just guessing. Drum: eyeball it, if it looks hammered it's probably had more than one toner mated to it. About 2.5-3 toners per drum.

    I believe there's also counters for toner/drum (or at least toner) on the report printout. (system data?). Why would you need to know this anyway? Crappy quality with a non-empty toner is usually drum. If you can shake the toner side to side and the print gets darker, it's near-empty.
    Because low-toner is triggered by light passing thru the round clear windows top/bottom of toner, it doesn't always indicate toner low, esp. if the cust. shakes it up before the message appears. Likewise, it may never say 'empty' if the window is covered in toner, or if the LED is dirty. Or the LSD.

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