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CT Copier Repair
03-05-2016, 09:37 PM
Working on a machine that was bought at salvage (insurance) Found 2 fuses control board blown no 24 volts ( blank image) so had board repaired at hytec
then no output on Hv1 ? in transfer unit unit was replaced HV 2 was also replaced still blank image stopped drum nothing on it or at least legible developer drive is good developer has toner smudges on finger when wiped Touched transfer belt and got zapped (lol) old school check so i am pretty sure i'm getting transfer voltage. Had swapped before 24 v issue the charge and write units from a working unit but it was sold
Just looking for some ideas Im kinda stumped blocks look good coronna wires and grid look good dev and drum look good
write unit ????

Help me LMAO


03-05-2016, 11:13 PM
So you don't have a developed latent image? It could be the LED array, developer bias, developer agitation, or drum drive.

I think you can see if the drum and developing unit are turning with the front door keyed, and the inner cover off. The one case of a failed LED array was pretty strange. See here:


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