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04-21-2016, 09:03 PM

I set-up a new C1060L today everything all working fine but when I login to Service screen,
on the top of the screen in red writing is the message
"Market Setup Mode"

I can access everything in the service mode and it doesn't seem to affect anything,
is it supposed to say that or have I missed something out in the setup?

04-21-2016, 11:54 PM
4.5.5 Setup date/type of business setting
(1) Usage
Adjust the starting date of the total counter that is shown on the utility mode and the type of business of the client that CSRC notifies.
(2) Procedure
1. "Service Mode menu screen"
Press [03 System Setting].
2. "System Setting Menu screen"
Press [04 Setup Date/Business Setting].
3. "Setup Date/Type of Business Setting screen "
Select the type of the business. Not to select the type of the business, select [Unknown].
4. "Setup Date/Type of Business Setting screen "
Enter an installation date with the numeric buttons. Press [Set] to highlight the Year, Month, and Date you want to enter.
5. Press [OK] to update the data.
Press [Cancel] to cancel the updating.

04-22-2016, 02:07 AM
This message is displayed if the "set up" according to the installation guide has not been completed entirely.

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