View Full Version : Do du104 drums come primed with toner?

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07-09-2016, 06:40 PM
I'm a sharp tech who got ahold of some Konica supplies. Do the du104 come with a little testing toner from the factory the same way sharps do?

The drums surface looks new, I want to make sure I don't misrepresent the item.

07-09-2016, 07:03 PM
The drum blade will be primed, and the drum dusted again, than packaged. I rotate the drum manually to make sure that the blade doesn't grab, then do the drum blade priming in the drum peculiarities section of the service mode. If you think it needs any additional priming you can use yellow toner, or even waste toner. Do remember to remove the red screws that hold back the cleaning blade. In the short term it will seem to be working OK, but when the fill gets heavier it won't be able to clean adequately. =^..^=

07-09-2016, 07:32 PM

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