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11-26-2016, 11:50 PM
Anyone here ever install a EK-605 or 607 for Bluetooth in a C220 or C224? I installed a EK-605 in Biz C220 and copier bluetooth doesn't show up when Iphone or computer searches for bluetooth devices. I have all the settings correct. Also saw the bulletins on knowledge base about needing an App for iphones, etc? I downloaded the pagescope mobile app onto my iphone but didn't see anything there for bluetooth.
USB ports are working on newly installed EK-605 so I'm assuming it is connected properly and working.

Thanks in advance

11-27-2016, 04:41 AM
Do you have bluetooth enabled in both the service mode and the admin mode? If you don't already have it, here's a guide that might help: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ev26yrp6vbsjqt9/C220%20Bluetooth%20Setup%20and%20Printing%20Instru ctions.pdf?dl=0

11-27-2016, 04:20 PM
Thanks for the reply mx6, Yes I have everything turned on according to set up guide.

11-27-2016, 05:25 PM
Aside from ensuring that the firmware is at the latest level, here's another thing to check (sorry if it doesn't apply, just throwing it out there):

It is not possible to enable the Bluetoothฎ option in the Administrator mode even after enabling it in the Service mode/System 2. (EK-605 installed)
CAUSE: Incorrect soft switch setting. Software switch 25 is set to a HEX Assignment value of 00.

SOLUTION: If the firmware level is version 90 or higher, change software switch to a HEX Assignment value of 20:
1. Enter the Service mode.
2. Select System 2.
3. Touch [Software Switch Setting].
4. Touch [Switch No.] and enter “25” with the ten-key pad.
5. Touch [HEX Assignment] and enter “20” with the ten-key pad.
6. Touch [Fix].
7. Press End, then Exit.

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