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05-03-2019, 07:49 PM
HI - we have a KM1250 B&W machine with the PK-522 2/3 hole punch unit on it. we're running the 2 hole punch for the first time in the 3 years we've had the machine. We're seeing variation in the CD direction (across the sheet) of the punch by 2mm. The hole position for FD (feed) direction is the same distance from the edge on each sheet. We're running 20lb 8.5x11 good quality paper feeding along the 8.5" edge (8.5x11S). Running the paper from drawer 4 (the middle drawer in our PFU deck) which it the straightest path into the print engine. The guides in the drawer are tight enough to keep the paper straight and comparing the print from sheet to sheet it's registering very very well. We're printing one side and delivering face-down as required by the PK-522 usage.

I've cleaned all the rollers in the FS532 paper path that feed into and out of the PK-522 unit. I made a tool with a thin metal strip and velcro to clean the paper edge sensor in the unit and did the 5.13.17 PK-522 Paper Edge Sensor Adjustment in service mode multiple times after multiple cleanings referenced in another post on this forum.

I'm at the point where I think I will open up the PK-522 to clean and lightly lubricate the punch mechanism - anyone have any experience with this unit and can verify +/- 2mm CD is as good as it gets across the sheet or should I expect something closer to +/- 0.5mm CD? Every once in a while I get a set of 11 sheets where the hole punches are in the same spot, but 99% of the time I'm seeing 1.5-2mm variance across the 11 sheets in the set, with 7 or 8 of 11 sheets in the correct spot and 3-4 sheets off by 2mm.

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