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06-05-2019, 01:02 AM
This one was kind of unusual. The hopper was empty, the cartridge full, and the toner cartridge motor M14 was making an interesting noise. The hopper is new.

The toner cartridge was a brick, and it took some beating to make it powder again. I marked the coupler, so I could be fairly certain that it still wasn't turning. To my surprise I could remove the toner cartridge without the machine noticing. The noises continued and the cartridge coupler still didn't turn.

I knew from the start it wasn't going to be easy. The cartridge drive assembly mounts to the back of the rear frame, under the board assy, HV2/HV3/fan assembly. The door support wire rope wraps around the cartridge drive assembly, connecting to those big springs under the bridge. Lets skip that part for now. Lets say I have the toner cartridge drive assembly in my hand:

I've removed M14 and all the other gears, and the one-way clutch/coupler is still very difficult to turn. Sure it's caked in a mixture of grease and toner, so I clean all the parts. It still won't turn. The clutch fits too tightly on the shaft. There's a bit of taper to the shaft, so the further you slide it on the snugger it gets.

I used the Dremel to increase the bore just a little on the lower hub and the upper hub, until it turned freely. I greased the clutch spring and put it all together. Now the coupler spins and it adds toner.


Set aside a few hours for this one. =^..^=

06-05-2019, 04:44 AM
But that can't be right BC the designers PC said it should be ok...

Nice find and mod. If first you don't succeed redesign.

Nice 6 hours plus operation i guess nothing like some time of from the usual.

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