View Full Version : Skews on duplex prints on Bizhub C654E all cassettes

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09-03-2019, 04:03 PM
Newbie to the Konica-Minolta line. I think the fuser is the issue but wanted your opinions.

Anyone know how long the fuser last before part failure failure?

Thanks for your help.

09-03-2019, 04:14 PM
Are there and documented paper jams associated with your issue? =^..^=

09-03-2019, 08:03 PM
Thanks black cat for all the help you've done on this forum for years and years. You are the best. (Do you see how that works you got to build them up first before you get on them.)

No there's just a small skew and no jams would be occurred because of this. The skew on the second side is only 1 - 3 mm difference dependent on what the length of the paper 11 14 or 17.

What else do you need to know black cat before you'll answer this thread or stop hijacking it?

Just trying to fix a picky picky customer.

It's not the fuser. Any experience on this would be appreciated not Theory


Been sniffing toner longer than most except black cat


09-03-2019, 08:36 PM
It doesn't sound familiar. I'll check the database tonight. I thought if there was a jam code it might narrow the search criterion.

EDIT: The only entries I have for paper skew are for improperly loaded paper (corner flipped in the paper tray).

I'm sure you've already dumped the paper dust collector, and cleaned OHP sensor S40 and Registration sensor S38 in that vicinity and the registration roller.

You might look at the second transfer rear mount:
Misfed (J30-03) won't clear, preceded by light images. Paper is jammed behind the paper dust collector, blocking OHP sensor S40. Rear second transfer pressure lever is broken. If possible recover the spring, spacer ring, endstop and screw. Replace 2nd transfer pressure lever rear (A0P0 7105 02). Remove jam behind the paper dust collector.

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