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03-13-2021, 01:59 AM
I found this one unexpected. I've got quite a few of these 808's, some approaching 3M prints, but his one is unique in that every printed page is duplex. At 1M prints I started getting 93-10 jams.

At first it was the top duplex roller losing grip on the first side, at the top of the duplex unit. Cleaning those rollers helps, but adding some additional spring tension on the leaf springs for the idlers stopped that altogether.

A few weeks later, the same 93-10 jams were further down, queued up at the registration roller. And it would jam immediately on the first duplexed page. When I tried the same trick on the lower duplex rollers (cleaning and increasing leaf spring pressure) I could get 22 consecutive duplex paper before it jammed. It's an improvement ... but not very exciting, since an average copy job runs 400 pages or more.

I was getting into one of those circular patterns where you start to repeat the same things, hoping for a different result ... when I noticed that the flag for PS48 (lower duplex sensor) was just barely clearing the slit in the photointerrupter, and sometimes it probably wasn't. Then I noticed the typical wear mark that you see on almost every flag. I couldn't really put my finger on it at first, but then I figured it out. That mark is usually 3mm or 4mm from the tip of the flag. On this flag the mark was 1mm before a 45degree taper. I expect that 2mm to 3mm of the flag was worn off.


Mostly to confirm my guess, I epoxied on a small flat piece of steel 3mm longer than the flag in my hand, and shaped it to look like the tip of a cross country ski.


That was it. Maybe this will save somebody some searching. =^..^=

03-13-2021, 03:18 AM
Hehe yea it will help me. But i found another solution to remedy the problem. There is a a flat plastic cover on the lower outer duplex return section that screws on there with a screw on either side. I just fold a piece of paper box and tape it to the middle of that small piece of cover to bow the lower side of the door inward when you reinstall it. After i found that to work i did not give it much more attention.

Will have a go at your solution.

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