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05-17-2021, 09:50 PM
As the individual tact switches are not available as a part your only choice is to replace the Control Panel unelss you can source the switches. I have two XM7355 in a hospital that the nurses must like to hammer the Start botton. The micro switch loses its click but still works. The call came in as "printing blank pages" and displaying "Resources low". Once the switch was replaced I could recreate the black pages printing by holding down the Start button. If the machine is sending faxes and you hold it down you will get the "Resources low". Tapping the side of the Control Panel with the faulty switch and the machine would start spitting out blank copies with a pause between sheets.

The cost of the OP panel is $300+. I found surface mount switches on ebay and took a chance. A pack of 50 for $3.87 shipped from China. That's less than .08 each.

As they are surface mount this isn't an easy replacement in the field. Maybe it is if you are a surface mount guru and have great vision. This is almost definately bench work. I did both of them and they are back in service. The original ones lasted 26 months. Time will tell.

The eBay listing is gone but this is what I ordered: 50pcs 3*4*2.5mm Tactile Push Button Switch Tact Switch Micro Switch 4-Pin SMD

I also replaced the key set, $17.72



05-18-2021, 12:18 AM
Back in the day I used to part out old Mita panels and recover 90% of the switches. There were three or four varieties of momentary switches, but they were soldered through the board, and I learned the knack of soldering those before the replacement switch would melt.

It's usually only the Start or Reset buttons that get mashed. Often the board stand-offs and the Start Button hinges would also break.

Congratulations on getting surface mount switches manually soldered. I believe that's a step above my skill level.

07-16-2021, 07:45 PM
Just following up on the results. Don't use the Chinese switches from ebay. Panasonic switches are availalbe from Digi-Key and much are higher quality. The price is still low at .67 to $1.84. The ones I used from ebay popped apart pretty quick.

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