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05-20-2021, 01:47 PM
Has anyone come across this code before? It refers to the trimmer in the saddle stitch unit. Had the customer run the books without trimming, but it still codes after a few books.

05-21-2021, 08:51 AM
No, and we have had said machine and finsiher for years... but to get the ball rolling in case SM is not to hand...

2.11.2 C-1272
SD: SD-506 abnormality

Rotation abnormality is detected for a specified period of time in succession while the trimmer paddle motor (M33) is driving.
Measures to take when alert occurs
The main body and the SD stop immediately to turn OFF the main relay (RL1).
Estimated abnormal parts

Trimmer paddle motor (M33)
SD control board (SDCB)
SD drive board (SDDB)

Turn OFF/ON the sub power switch (SW2) of the main body.
The message "Please call service" is displayed on the panel.

1. Check the trimmer paddle, and clean/repair it if any abnormality.
2. Check the connector connection and the wiring between SDDB and the motor, and repair it if any abnormality.
3. Check the I/O drive of the motor and the coupling of the gear, and repair/replace it if any abnormality. (Wiring diagram: SD-506: 11-W)
4. Replace M33.
5. Replace SDCB.

Faulty part isolation DIPSW

Control while detached
The use of the trimmer unavailable

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