View Full Version : BH-C-25, any way to print from iPad?

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03-28-2022, 04:12 PM
iPad mini wants to print to BH-C-25. MFP is hooked up with LAN and via router with WLAN.

Any ideas if possible at all?


03-28-2022, 04:52 PM
Konica Minolta Mobile Print App - Professional Print Management Solutions at Konica Minolta (https://www.konicaminolta.com.au/solutions-services/print-management/konica-minolta-mobile-print-app)

C25 is listed as compatible device, haven't tested it myself though....

03-28-2022, 05:30 PM
If the wireless and wired network are on the same subnet it should work fine.
If wired network is 192.x.x.x but wireless is 10.x.x.x they need to bridge the 2 subnets for it to work.

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