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03-14-2023, 11:38 PM
I seem to recall that during the kon/min toner shortage I read on this forum that they were shipping half btls? I tried to find reference to that but cannot. Can you tell from the boxes? Was going to buy some OEM toners online but want to make sure they are full btls. The seller did send me pics of boxes. There are some blue dots, etc on boxes and why asking.

Thanks in advance

03-15-2023, 01:09 AM
Yes, blue circle on the side of toner box is mark for half toner as i noticed on TN221, TN321,TN324...
I could post you few photos tomorow

03-15-2023, 02:49 AM
The half filled bottles have their part number ending in an "H" and/or there is a blue sticker dot on the box.

Across hundreds of different customer sites, I have seen some boxes with one or the other, and other boxes with both markings. Of course you can easily tell just by the weight of the bottle, too.

03-15-2023, 04:46 AM
Glad I asked. Yes these have blue dots which made me think of asking here. If price is right I may still get them and use 2 btls to make one full one. Plus will have the extra end caps if I need to convert other OEM toners to that specific model. Anything is better than using aftermarket toners.

Thanks again

03-15-2023, 04:40 PM
On the side of the box should be posted also right weight (250 grams).
https://i.postimg.cc/ZvbFq079/IMG-20230315-151854.jpg (https://postimg.cc/ZvbFq079)

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