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03-22-2023, 08:54 PM
>> G00-xx >> firmware for factory which is tested fully in QA environment.
Due the fact, that a fully QA needs a lot of time, not all fixed issues and fixed bugfixes could be included as in latest special firmware.

Special firmware
>> GC1-xx and so on >> based on massproduction, fixing bugfixes and fixing actually issues, tested partly in QA enivornment.
Every special firmware is in line. That means all bugfixes fixed in the last special firmware are included into the next one.

Customized firmware
>> eg. GCH-B4 >> build for customer needs.
Every customized firmware is a stand alone and the development will not continued automaticly.

The bottom line for me is to use latest special FW as it will include latest Massproduction and all bugfixes fixed in the last special firmware.

03-22-2023, 09:29 PM
Good info. Thanks

03-23-2023, 12:28 AM

03-23-2023, 05:59 PM
if i have both newest mass production firmware and special firmware, which one i will load better?

03-23-2023, 08:00 PM
if i have both newest mass production firmware and special firmware, which one i will load better?

If latest mass-production is K8-xx for example and latest special is KJ-xx then I would say KJ.

Damien Bates
07-06-2023, 12:13 PM
In general, the newest mass production firmware is the most stable and reliable version, as it has been thoroughly tested and optimized for mass production. This firmware is typically designed to work with the majority of devices and applications, and is intended to provide the best possible performance and functionality. However, special firmware may be designed for specific use cases or applications that require specialized features or customization. If you have a specific need or requirement for your device that is not met by the mass production firmware, then the special firmware may be a better option. Ultimately, the decision of which firmware to load will depend on your specific needs and requirements, as well as the differences between the two firmware versions. I would recommend carefully reviewing the release notes and specifications for both firmware versions, and considering factors such as stability, performance, and compatibility before making a decision.

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