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07-06-2023, 01:59 PM
Good Morning

We have a customer with a Bizhub 550i that was reading low on toner. When customer replaced toner they got a message "Incorrect Toner Cartridge Setup". They tried three separate toner cartridges both OEM and Generic and it doesnt reset. They have a second 550i and those same toners work in those machines without a problem. Toner status reads 100% full. Looking for a little direction before we head out today. Thanks.

07-06-2023, 06:39 PM
Have a look at the contacts that connects to the chip on the toner cartridge for bent pins.
Have you done a system error clear or trouble reset?

07-07-2023, 12:37 PM
i series or the original C550? god i hate that konica re used model numbers

07-07-2023, 01:13 PM
I went out yesterday and did check pins. All is fine there. I did do a system trouble clear and error returned. It is the 550i series.

07-07-2023, 01:32 PM
I thought that they modified the front of the toner hopper, by adding a couple of ribs to hold the bottle/chip against the sensor/detector better

08-11-2023, 10:16 PM
Just ran into this problem myself.
See parts bulletin #12438 for the fix.
Like kingarthur said, they modified later versions of the toner guide to correct this, but if you have an older version of the machine, you can order and install a modification part to fix the issue.
Part is A85Y375100 Protection Part.

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