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08-02-2023, 09:53 AM
Hi Experts,

Opinion / Suggestion required!

I am facing a problem with bizhub c454, it feeds paper automatically without command. It picks up paper from tray 1 during startup. When there is no paper in the tray its okay. When tray is empty, after loading paper, close the tray it will lift no paper jam no paper fed. Upon closing the front or right side cover or after restarting it picks up paper. Paper engages the registration sensor but it shows no paper jam. After print command it feeds multiple pages and jamming occurs. 1 paper in fuser 1 in registeration and 1 is half out from tray 1. It shows paper jam at 11. Registration.

Tray 2 is not lifting up. C-0204. Liftup motor replaced. Still same. It gives code on closing the tray 2.

Bypass Tray is not lifting.

Tray 3 is feeding paper but it jams at vertical transport. Half in tray 3 feeding half out.

I have replaced tray 1, 2 feeding assembly. Drive solenoid replaced. Drive motor replaced. Checked the drive gears assembly. My diagnosis is tray 1 clutch energizes during startup and when opening and closing the front cover or side cover which is weird. It should move freely only the gear not the whole shaft and feeding rollers. PRCB is faulty I suspect which is causing this abnormality and engaging the clutch.

Any advice?

08-02-2023, 12:22 PM
Guess you have ruled out the mechanical parts so PRCB sounds logical.

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