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02-15-2024, 04:17 PM
Good afternoon all.

I'm sourcing the market for a cheap desktop MFP for my boss, who doesn't print very much (I doubt she'll ever reach 500 pages per month). But she scans a lot, and a duplexing ADF would be nice.

What's the cheapest and smallest colour machine you know - inkjet is fine - that sports an RADF?

So far the best I found is the Brother MFC-J4540DW, but I'm still looking.


02-15-2024, 04:45 PM
IMC300? Perfect for scanning with the SPDF.

02-15-2024, 05:05 PM
If she already has a printer that she is happy with and room on her desk or a side table, a desktop scanner might be the best choice. Best Desktop Scanners 2024 (https://buyersguide.org/scanners/t/desktop?msclkid=fa51c438265c14765f8da1f66468789f&m=e&d=c&c=84731662925905&oid=kwd-84731476609497:loc-4084&qs=small%20desktop%20scanner&lp=44111&li=&nw=o&nts=1&tdid=8917352)

02-26-2024, 09:52 PM
May not be a bad idea to look into an Epson WF-M5799 for Monochrome, or WF-C5790 or Color

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