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06-25-2010, 06:33 AM
I have a konica 7222 when it comes to printing decent sized PDFs its very slow. The file using as a test is 11mb, spools to about 40mbs. When watching it in printer que it spools at about less then 256k a second. Is there anyway to speed this bitch up? this is the only printer on the network that has a slow issue. any solutions?

06-25-2010, 01:50 PM
I fear this may be a trend, I've had several Konica Minolta products do this and it tends to be the older gear like C350's or the 7 Series B/W products. I've tried everything from adding memory, hdd's to installing a postscript chip all to no avail (including changing driver settings.) I'm beginning to think it's something in the encoding of newer pdf's that the machine's choking on.. If I print the same pdf on a more current box like a BH420 or BH421 or C353 it prints much snappier. And I do mean much! I've had machines upgraded due to this (and the nature of how much some customers print large pdf files) Pdf files like adobe reader itself have become larger and seemingly more bloated over the years... and like the way the pdf's are created has changed as well. Those older machines were designed iirc when adobe 6or7 was around or maybe even earlier.. and with older pdf files (like service manuals made for said series of machines) they print fine and fast regardless of physical size, or at least a pile faster than the current pdfs.


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