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08-24-2010, 12:14 PM
good day.I have 5 konica1216 but this time they are given me problems.the spanner was indicating i perform the PM and L.detect after performing the copier stop copy and was displaying P26 or F26.I did all i can it still display P27orF26,then i remove the memory bode from the other copier which was working and put it to the copier that was displaying P26orF26 and it worked.so please i one help to that code P26orF26 from the memory.please kindly help me or my customers will ran away.THANKS IN ADVANCE.

08-24-2010, 12:21 PM
DESCRIPTION: P26 at power up.

CAUSE: The L-detect adjustment procedure was not performed, after resetting the PM counter.

SOLUTION: To perform the L-detect adjustment procedure, perform the following:
1. Power the copier OFF.
2. Access the 47 mode (power the copier ON, while pressing the 4 and 7 keys), output code 51.
3. Press the START/PRINT button.
4. The number 51 flashes in the display for approximately 90 seconds.
5. When the number 51 stops flashing, the adjustment is complete.
6. Power the copier OFF/ON to exit the 47 mode.

08-24-2010, 12:22 PM
DESCRIPTION: F26 at power up or following the TDS adjustment (L-detect).

CAUSE: Toner was added before performing L-detect during new machine setup. Refer to [[2223

SOLUTION: To prevent F26 error codes, perform the following:
1. Access the 47 mode (press the 4 and 7 keys simultaneously while powering the copier ON),
output code 40 (approximately 3 minutes) to allow the excess toner in the TDS area to mix with the
2. If F26 reoccurs, replace the developer (PCUA 947226) and perform the L-detect adjustment
again (47 mode, output code 51).
Note: L-detect must be performed before adding toner at new machine setup or toner addition will
occur during the adjustment, resulting in a F26 code.

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