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02-28-2011, 08:14 PM
I have a Biz hub 200 that keeps giving me a install the imaging unit message all of the time and I changed the drum, cleaning blade and developer and went into the consumable counter and cleared them and ran an f8. this thing will come to ready and the next day I get replace imaging unit. I replaced the pico fuse on the conector of the drum unit and it does not blow.

Any ideas would be helpfull at this point.

02-28-2011, 08:31 PM
Sorry to answer you whith a question . Here in Italy I have lots of Bizhub 250 and 350. I think that Bh 200 is the same serie of mine.. So: where do you find a pico fuse and whY you was in need to replace it if you have changed the drum, blade and developer ?
Apologise me if I'm wrong.

02-28-2011, 09:29 PM
ya I don't think you need to change a pico fuse in a bizhub 200. in fact. you have to do in order by clearing the counters first. then leaving the right side cover open. then do all the drum and developer replacement.. then you shut ut then run the f8. then the machine is reset. if you are replacing fusers and stuff. you got me confused. on this model

02-28-2011, 09:36 PM
Bizhub 250 is NOT THE SAME as Di250. Therein may be your confusion. Brent is correct on that model. NO PICOFUSE unless you're rebuilding your own photoreceptor instead of buying the OEM.

02-28-2011, 09:38 PM
Hey Brent..but if you leave the imaging unit out of the box, the display will say a message like" please install imaging unit", like Timothy started in his post. I've never had a issue like this, sometimes white prints for the bad connections.

02-28-2011, 10:19 PM
to shut off message go into service mode...change dipsw 418 bit 3 to a 0. This shuts off the "please replace drum message" And like mentioned previously the biz 200 doesn't have a fuse, thats why your clearing the counters.

03-02-2011, 05:05 AM
I fixed this machine with a used conector from a similar drum unit that was not the same but close enough. The back of the connector has two components sticking out of the pins. One is a pico fuse to reset the counters and or let the machine know the imaging unit has been replaced. The other is a resistor and without these items the machine was not seeing the imaging unit. I was also getting a code c2431 which is image unit fuse not blowing failure, it is stated as the iu fuse did not blow within a specific period of time which would account for the next day the machine is down again. I hope this fixes the damn machine it has been a toothache for a week plus.

03-02-2011, 05:48 AM
hey timothy. i think you are confused. the connector you describe is on a "Di"-200 not a "BizHub" 200

03-02-2011, 05:53 AM
hey timothy. i think you are confused. the connector you describe is on a "Di"-200 not a "BizHub" 200

Agreed- maybe it's mis-marked, or wrong front door? Check the serial tag in the back-

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