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04-09-2011, 06:03 PM
I am installing the printer maintenance kit but cannot pull out the elevator tray to access the filter cover assembly. The manual (p.3-2) gives directions to push down in one place and pull up in another to pull out the elevator tray unit and the horizontal conveyance unit. I have tried but do not want to force the plastic parts. Thanks ofr any ideas on how to do this. Mark

1.2 Replacing the Filter Cover
Assembly & Suction Filter/A
A. Periodically replaced parts/cycle
Suction filter/A: Every 120,000 copies (7145)
Suction filter/A: Every 100,000 copies (7235/
Filter cover assembly: Every 120,000 copies
Filter cover assembly: Every 100,000 copies
B. Procedure


Remove the screw [1], then remove the filter

cover assembly [2].

Remove the suction filter /A [3].


Reinstall the above parts following the removal

steps in reverse.
When installing the suction filter/A, be sure to
install it so that the white filter face is turned to the
inside of the main body.
When an elevator tray unit is fitted, perform the
following to access the filter section.
While pressing [1], lift up [2], and pull out the elevator
tray unit and the horizontal conveyance unit.
Do not remove the finisher.
To remove the finisher, see [III. DISASSEMBLY/
ASSEMBLY] of the finisher section


04-09-2011, 07:31 PM
If I remember correctly, you'll need to partially pull out the finisher in order to replace the filter. It says for you not to remove the finisher because you don't need to pull it out all the way.

So, with your machine turned off, open the finisher's door and you'll see a round hole in the front of the finisher. Stick your philips screwdriver there and push so you will release the finisher from the machine's main body. While pressing, pull the finisher towards the front of the machine and you'll feel the finisher sliding. Don't slide it all the way, just enough so you can replace the filter and after replacing it push the finisher again towards the back of the machine until you feel it locked in place.

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