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    KM Web Browser 750i

    hands up...this is probably me being an idiot. I can't get any KM to connect via the web browser. My understanding is that when you turn on the Web Browser function, it's supposed to connect to the LMS and "register" itself, then reboot, or you can generate a code on the LMS, input it into the machine, which will then reboot.

    the first doesn't happen, I've spoken to the IT who have said it does have a web connection, "as they are scanning through 365" , if I generate a code via the LMS and try to enter it I get "The settings are incorrect. Please enter the correct setting"

    Am I being stupid.....please tell me if I am.....or does something else need doing
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    Re: KM Web Browser 750i


    All you have to do is enable the web browser in the network settings and provided you have the dns settings in the machine then it will work - you must have the correct dns settings if you are able to scan to office365.

    You dont need to activate anything via LMS

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    Re: KM Web Browser 750i

    Dump your browser cache. I have seen this a few time on Edge and Chrome with the i Series units.

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