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    Bizhub 751 tips, tricks?

    I have a BH 751 at a bank. It is a back up for a 1051 machine they run their monthly statements. This is the last of these god forsaken machines I have. Honestly in my opinion for being 4 years old with around 800k on it is one of the cleanest running machines with few problems I've ever dealt with. No mountain of toner behind the ADU section and such. But every few dozen or so pages you'll get that tiny drop of toner from the dev unit that puts the lil puffed spot on pages. Other places (usually schools) never cared about this issue but this customer is very meticulous. Any tips or tricks to get rid of this minor problem?
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    Bizhub 751 tips, tricks?

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    Re: Bizhub 751 tips, tricks?

    IIRC you set the grid charge voltage with a meter to the voltage stamped on the rear drum flange, then the gradations (LD1&2) i set the faintest box just between the 2 lines and they used to run cleaner than expected with periodic vacuuming between PMs.
    but those 2 steps were the most important in keeping DV in the unit.

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    Re: Bizhub 751 tips, tricks?

    Replace the developer every 100K or less.
    Set the soft switches to do the process control less often and to make a smaller band for cleaning blade relief.
    Make them switch the machine off if its not being used.
    Then vacuum out the drum cradle every 50K to 75K.

    We have a lot of these machine and we buy up these machines for almost free. At the right place like schools these machine are the second cheapest machines to run that KM has.

    Makes lots of money!!


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