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Thread: C6501 C-0213

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    C6501 C-0213

    Hi Copy friends
    I have a problem with C6501 Code C-0213
    I changed Exit roller assy. But i can not see the motor turning anyway.. (The paper jam every time)
    Do you think i must change AC DRIVER CARD??

    Niklas T/ Sweden

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    Re: C6501 C-0213


    Exactly how much did you replace? There are some one-way clutches hiding the gears, and these might be defective.

    You can run the motor using I/O check mode, and if you also remove any finishing equipment you can see if it actually is turning.

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    Re: C6501 C-0213

    Hi Setright
    I checked the motor in I/O Mode. The motor was not turning at all.
    I also checked the one way cluthes and also replaced 2 of them.
    Nothing worked. But after i changed the Ac Drive Board. The machine work... Jippi
    I took the Ac Drive Board from a C6500. It was the same board as C6501 (A03UH52002)

    Thank you for the reply
    Niklas T/Sweden

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    C6501  C-0213

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    Exclamation Re: C6501 C-0213

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