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Some customers simply like to take their frustration out on the friendly copier repair man. I think that a lot of it has to do with the "service contract." I've always found that the customer sings a different tune when I start charging them to fix stupid shit. Only then will some customers begin to follow directions. My 2-cents.

It isn't just copier repairmen they do it too. Imagine the fun of trying to explain to a less than intelligent person that before you can actually use an electric typewriter you have to plug it in. Unlike the older manual typewriter that didn't need electricity that she trained on and used for twenty years. Yes I had to do that way back in the early 70's when I first started working on typewriters. And I had one rather dimwitted secretary that would call every so often and complain she hits the keys but nothing works. Finally after the third call from her that I had to go to, was not allowed to clear over the phone, I managed to get another worker there to help "retrain" her in the use of new electric typebar machines. Even more fun were the calls when her single pass carbon ribbon ran out and she could not change it herself. And of course she would call that in as a service call because the ribbon did not rewind like it should. Yes she was an older lady and there were also two younger women in the same company that she trained that were just as bad. Yes that office finally got the bright idea to have a supervisor call in all service calls. Just to be able to check and see if there was an easy operator control that could be used to fix it. Instead that is instead of waiting the two to four hours before a service tech could respond and change a ribbon or even turn the switch on.