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    Re: CLX 9252 HDD Error & #S1-3110

    Our friend tried this solution: he took out the HHD drive and connected it to a Linux computer. The disk diagnostic program turned out to have 150,000 disk sleeps! After selecting the repair disk option, files were deleted from partition 3. After inserting the disk into the printer, it started repairing itself. The files for recovery are on partition 11. After these operations, the printer works. However, it is better to buy a disk and make a disk image. A 320KB HDD costs about $20. I think this is not a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by copier tech View Post
    Hi all,

    Hoping someone can help, first time I worked on this model, it initially had a Hard Drive error & gave me the option to repair or format, I chose repair but it asked for a password which I do not know, is this a standard one?

    After rebooting a couple of times it comes up with a Video error #S1-3110 now this is all it says.

    At a guess i'd say the HDD has failed but will I need firmware etc if I replaced this?

    I have no idea how to proceed! any help would be appreciated.
    Try this


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