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Thread: Sharp MX-M753n

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    Sharp MX-M753n

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    Re: Sharp MX-M753n

    and fuser web maint is a pain.
    Where the heck is my spring hook?

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    Sharp MX-M753n

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    Re: Sharp MX-M753n

    Fuser drive unit. one-ways slip, causing paper to stuff behind transfer belt. If machine has over 500K replace it and save yourself the frustration of troubleshooting that thing.
    It's less than obvious, and intermittent at first.
    And yeah, the webs suck, and the toner cartridge has a tendency to leak in the machine and drop shit when pulled out.
    And if the toner sits and does not get 'agitated' at installation, TONER MOTOR FAILURES

    But they really are good machines if you know the quirks.

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    Re: Sharp MX-M753n

    Like the other guys have said, these are older but built like tanks. All of the dragon series was...and now the newer taurus series (mxm754,mxm6750) continue the durability these machines were known for. I have had some of these machines in the field with well over 4 million on them. Basically maintenance is important, and if you stay on top of it they will run a long time. Yes they have some known issues, but they are easily fixed and I can think of only a few times where odd one off issues have happened. I dont know much about machine pricing but I would say that it would be hard to find any machine to put against these tried and true beasts, especially for that price.

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