We just started to rent them up for the right customer in need of desktop printers. We were looking at the Lexmark core Sharp's released a few months ago... but the cost of toner from Sharp's end is... insane, and the Lexmark toner cost is almost half price our end, for the model equivalent.

Cost per page is high. But we will see.

I have been having issues refurbishing them with the LSU calibrations. They are a pain, a hassle and waste of time. I do my best manually adjusting the LSU screws, and the rest I just use Sim 50-20 until everything is aligned.
Something that really should take like 2-3 mins is a 30 minute adventure. But other than that, I haven't really had much issues. They seem solid, but we have to wait and see. Fuser's are pricey, and pressure roller flat spots are common getting them off-lease.

But like the comment above mentioned, they are used to "Fill the holes" in our clients need, and they are a good "emergency" printer. My two cents.