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    MX-M565 Jam but no code.

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    MX-M565 Jam but no code.

    Hey folks I have a MX-M565 that is NOT giving the jam code in the reports, it sees the jam but that is it. See the attachment. Any ideas?20240215_162850.pdf

    I tossed a new SD card in for $hits and giggles, same thing.

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    Re: MX-M565 Jam but no code.

    Last firmware afaik
    Did you see the jam ? Did you try in aging in case it's a sensor ? Was it from a specific tray ? Copy or print or both ?
    2k pages between last week and today, why/how ?
    If you can export the data on a USB stick in 56-5 (1 and 3, don't care about 2) and share it.

    Disconnect reconnect the tray unit, I add a strange problem with a tray unit with a bended pin once.

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    Re: MX-M565 Jam but no code.

    Did you try exporting to USB through sim56? Also, do you have the 5th page of the 22-6? It shows HDD smart info, and will tell you if the hard drive is going bad. I've had one in the past not let me print stuff in simulation, and once the HDD was replaced, it fixed it, oddly enough.

    Do your techs clear jam/error codes often? No ADF jams would be insane!

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    Re: MX-M565 Jam but no code.

    I'd 100% replace the hdd, this is a pretty common jam issue for this series of Sharp once the hdd gets older. New HDD should get you back up and running smoothly

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