View Full Version : Interchangeability of finishing options between models??

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08-21-2016, 02:41 AM
Hi guys,

We currently have a KM 1050, a KM C6500, KM C7000 and a KM 951. We are ready to retire the 1050 and it's really not worth much money but I've heard that we can take the SD-501 perfect binder or the FS-503 stapler or FD-501 Folder off it and install them on other machines....specifically the 951. I was told by a independent parts guy that he believed it only required a firmware upgrade?

Is this true?

Thanks in advance.

Chris Barton
T and B Printing

08-21-2016, 02:27 PM
heres the matrix.
some accessories require moving a loop connector when going from color to mono so be careful.

08-21-2016, 06:03 PM
Great info, thanks!!!!!!


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