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Thread: Tech Training

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    Tech Training

    reading some of the technical posts, I sometimes wonder if the state of technical training is as good as the old days.
    When I first started as a technician I remember having to study and pass a precourse test before I was even allowed access to the class room course. this was in the days before internet training. and the first training class I took was for a 12 cpm. the course lasted for a week, with a closed book written ( not multiple choice) test and a practicle fault finding test. My first color course was over 2 weeks, the first week was color theory and then the machine service course.

    Now techs have on-line training with multiple choice test at the end. I have seen some techs do the whole course online in under 2 hours. So just because some techs have the certificate, does that make them a good experienced tech? Some techs can do these courses easily but when it comes to common sense in fault finding are clueless?

    my personal view is the tech today has it easier where training is concerned and the industry is poorer for it.

    What' s your opinion?

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    Tech Training

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    These days not much as change except online courses. You still must take a placement course (online course) to get into class. The courses got a little more harder thru the years. But then again I'm speaking on the vendor that I'm trained for.

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    Tech Training

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    Over the years my pespective on training has changed. Having worked for one of the largest international dealers, and gotten a total of 5 training courses in 10 years, I really appreciate the chance to get classroom training. To my own surprise, I actually spend the evenings after class reading ahead in the manual and thinking of questions to ask for the next class. I get a preverse delight in getting this response: "I'll have to get an answer to that question...". This is the last real chance to get a manufacturers instructor face to face. =^..^=

    If you'd like a serious answer to your request:
    1) demonstrate that you've read the manual
    2) demonstrate that you made some attempt to fix it.
    3) if you're going to ask about jams include the jam code.
    4) if you're going to ask about an error code include the error code.

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    Today's training sucks ! online you don't learn hardly anything about the machine, the best info always came from the other people in the class.
    Almost all I know now came from machines long ago, and from the school of hard knocks, Which is all I seem to get now.

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    I started out in a small country town, miles from anywhere, which had the biggest multi-brand copier dealership in the entire area. When the opportunities came up to attend Melbourne or Sydney for a training course at a certain manufacturer, it was always for the several day courses. The bosses didnt see the point in any one day-long training courses, which made sense. It was a really big deal for us. One of the techs is going to the city!!!!

    On the courses I did go on, I honestly hardly got anything from them. Most of the days were spent talking, numerous coffee breaks, start late & finish early sort of affairs. I really saw them as a waste of time. I was quite disappointed each time.

    I can really say that almost all of what I learnt in the early years was from my service manager & the senior techs. The rest was learning from the machine in front of you. I got the impression early on that if you see a certain fault today, remember how it was fixed, because you will be sure to see it again sometime in the future.

    I see the country techs now come into the office, doing their training courses, and wonder if they are learning anything at all, like I sort-of-didnt back then.

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    I worked my contract for 2 years before I went to school. In 11 years I have only been twice, because the factory made them send me. I have learned what I know in the field. On line training is a joke. Tape a string over a laser lens and see how long it takes someone fresh out of school to find the cause of void streaks.

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    Wow, you guys are lucky to get training at all. Last copier dealership I worked for didn't believe in training for the techs. They thought money was better spent on a new projector for the showroom which somehow always ended up at one of the salesman's houses over the weekend being used to watch DVDs. The only time a tech got any training was when the manufacturer wouldn't sell machines or supplies for a particular model until someone at least did the online course.

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    I remembered something else on this topic last night......

    Back when I was at the country dealership, about once per year we would get a random phone call from our Panasonic dealer manager, who was driving up to see us with a machine in the back of the car for some in-house training. He always arrived with a slab of beer, a great attitude and it was great fun. All techs were brought back in to the workshop for some one-on-one with a senior tech from the city.
    He often shouted us out to dinner afterwards before he drove back to Melbourne.

    Now that is a training course! No other manufacturer came close in training courses that I can remember.... and I attended quite a few of them.

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    I've found formal training to be a time waste. You learn a product, and come back to the office all fired up to take on these babies. Only, they don't show up in your territory, needing work for months, or more. By the time your expertise is needed, you've lost it all, due to lack of practice with your schooling. What works for me, is doing a few set-ups in the shop, to familurise myself. Then I can fall back on my experience.


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    Training at KM here in Canada happens pretty regularly. I might do a course or two a year for every new colour model that comes along. If you are not trained on a model series, you do not work on them. Always something new to learn and we spend a week on many machines. 9 days on the 6500. The added bonus is that I do not have to pay for my lunch on these courses.

    We do have online CBT courses that we must complete before any training in class can be done. Much of that is done when you are a new tech and covers basic theories on copy reproduction, network and even customer care. The last time I had to do any mandatory stuff was perhaps about 10 years ago. Since then however, I have been periodically going into the CBT courses to cover other things offered through this access. If I am bored one evening, I'll do a course or two. Mostly just reading and paying attention to what is said for the online exams. Much of it pretty easy, but also informative.

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