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    panasonic fp7722 error e3-11 code

    i have a panasonic FP7722 with a E3-11 error code when it warms up. this unit was donated to the church and i am trying to fix it.
    i was told that i have a broken corona wire in the transfer seperator unit or could be the post that holds the spring is broken off. i pulled this unit out and looked to be all fine. wires not broke and springs still intact. can someone help. thanks and god bless.

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    You can read the RAP of this code in here.
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    error e3-11 still

    thanks for your reply. i have cleaned the corona and still have the error code. Where are the ground terminal screws from the hvps pcb or hvps bracket. i dont have a service manual here as this copier was donated to my church here. any help would be appreciated.

    also if it is not this, where do i find the cpu pcb?? any part numbers??

    Thanks again in advance

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    Wink E3-11

    Try cleaning up any "tracking" in the transfer corona end blocks.You can try putting insulation tape under the end blocks in case any leaks are going to ground.Also check that you do not have any corona wire remnants shorting out on the corona inputs.

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    MR. COPY
    Try taking the lower corona assembly out of the copier. Close the door and see if you get the error code back with the corona out.

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