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Thread: TIP

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    Hey techs, do you receive tips (like cash of any amount) from your clients after doing service?
    - Here in my area, it's very, very seldom..

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    Passing Duplication Xpert 1,000+ Posts cobiray's Avatar
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    Never, not once. Not even an offer. Are we talking a lot? Enough to by lunch?

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    occasionally bite to eat at one of our restaurant accounts or a cup of coffee but NEVER CASH. Back in the day you could get a drink during an office Christmas party but that was only once a year and those days are long gone.

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    for me when I am going out station its a many time I ve given a tips.
    after the problem are solved then they will hand over.even they already pay for the company i work.

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    Never cash.
    I get plenty of other items though.....
    Christmas time is a goldmine around here.... clients always giving away stuff. Got many presents last year.
    Have many clients who make Home-Brew or Wine.... usually get several bottles each visit.
    Almost all places offer a coffee and something to eat. If I time it right, I can get to some clients at their morning tea break.... food and drinks everywhere!!!
    Got a full Mudcake at a school today to take home, that was great!!
    Get many discount vouchers to use in their shops, when at their Head Office on a call.
    See guys.... It pays to be nice to the clients.... they will remember you!!
    Ha Ha!!! I love what I do!! Not an ass-kisser, just doing my work, while being professional & nice.

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    It would be odd to either offer or receive a tip in this profession. Gratuities are offered when a personal service is rendered. Someone carried your bag or your groceries, brought you your food to your table, fixed up your hair, trimmed your toe nails, etc ...

    I have never been offered a tip in this business. However, when I was a pizza delivery person I made a killing in tips.

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    Back in the day when I worked for Unisys and HP I used to get a lot of tips from home customer's, people where I replaced a motherboard or HD or something to get them back up and running. Even in the poorer areas like the Bronx, I used to get tons of tips between $5 and $20. Anytime a service person comes to my house to do something I always not only tip them, but offer them a drink (non-alcoholic) or a snack, I offer to put the tunes on, whatever I can do to make their job easier.
    In another lifetime when I was a Plumber, I wish I had a nickel for every house I went into where I was all sweaty or hot and the customer never offered me a drink. I could've retired by now.
    People just don't think.

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    tips ............hmmmmmmmmm

    Well now that I think about it .............yes we gotten some tips !
    Usually choclate.................
    It was funny though when my minor son came dragging home a very nice bottle of wine from a client ......... for me of coarse ..........
    So ................. a plumber huh ?????? now I know the rest of the story !
    [ sorry Paul Harvey ]
    BTW ........... land of chocolate ........... send chocolate ..........
    Let's all be safe out there !

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    Lets see, my best hook up came from retention guys, the ones who talk you into reenlisting in the army when your time is up. They have lot's of goodies. I got my best haul from pointing to the really nice embroidered polo style shirt I was wearing, that one office had given me, while in the office of another enlistment officer. Not to be outdone, the guy goes to his storage and returns with a huge gym bag filled with a sweatshirt, a three season coat, two tee shirts, golf shirt, hat, ink pens and coffee cup.
    At the start of a new contract one year, I had a unit begging for a new copier. I told the commander I would get him the first machine off the truck, and a week later he had a half gallon of tequila waiting for me.
    I have a leather pistol holster that Special Forces had made in Kabul, a pentagon shaped coin made after 9-11, lots of coins and pins and other small stuff. No cash .
    Best one was a sergant major I was friends with, "made up an award for my copy repair service" had his commander sign it, mounted it to a nice wooden frame and mailed it to my boss. I had no knowledge of it, but got big points at the shop.

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    E Winter
    I only have a few clients who give me a tip - guess that's just not ususal if you are working with non-private clients. Whatever - I'm happy as long as I get my coffee

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