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    M Bean

    Things arn't so Bad

    It has slowed down this month after a terrific December and January. And yes last year was a better year than the year before.

    When the people of our great country spoke and put President Bush back into office things immediatly got better for me. People started coming in more often than in the two years past. I also picked up a salvage outfit to fill time.

    I see complaints about the president and think to myself about how little some of the technicians know. Businesses create jobs so that you can work. You don\'t get a paycheck without business. The president has really very little to do with job creation. However, business owners are looking for the tax breaks to make there business more profitable and to allow them to hire people like you.

    So no I do not hate the President, he is a figurehead for the country and has done his job. I do not like everything he does but it is the people who decide what is important to them not the president. If everyone stops spending our economy goes to heck and this is what happened after 9/11. The country was in shock that someone would do this to us. Business money became tight and layoffs happened. Things have turned around and the president did help by giving tax breaks and Greenburg helped by lowering interest. Business people and the general public are now buying again. That is what it takes to keep our economy strong and growing. This also means more jobs created.

    Yes it does cost more for gas and milk and other things as business found that it needed to raise prices to be able to keep as many of you employed as possible. Hopefully as things straighten out it will get better.

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    Re:Things arn't so Bad

    Let me guess, Did you learn that while watching fox news? Have another drink.

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    Mike B

    Re:Things arn't so Bad

    Actually No I don\'t watch Fox News. Actuall the only thing I watch is NBC News and this mainly for the laughs. Very little Television. I am more interested in how things effect my Family and would rather read.

    I just do not understand the people of the USA sometimes. The Democrates and the Repulicans want to give things away. Hince Walfare, Medicare, and all the other government programs to help the poor people, who just don\'t want to work. I have found every time I was out of work I could find something to do even if it did not pay a lot. I don\'t want anything given to me.

    In addition the people of the USA attack other people in the form of making them try to think as they do. Seat belts, smoking, drinking, and many other things that they don\'t want anyone to do. Seems it should be the peoples right to choose not be forced into something, yet the majority rules which I guess is how it should be.

    I don\'t know it just seems that we are becoming more like the Communists Countries. I for one don\'t like this.

    Yet even with all our faults we at least are willing to go into a country with the purpose of helping them. Perhaps we of the great USA need to have our freedom taken away before we are willing to fight for it. Wish I had all the answers but I don\'t.

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    Re:Things arn't so Bad

    Not from your pither of coolaid :woohoo:

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