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    MP 301 after updating does not configure network and blocks

    Hi everyone
    In MP 301, after updating all the firmware: network, scanner, systen copy, engine ... etc I can not change the IP of the machine from the panel: User Tools / System Settings / Interface Settings / Network, press on the screen the Network button the machine blocks, does not respond to any key, it must be turned off directly.
    By WIM if it can be configured.
    Update has not been good or maybe some, I do not know which of them
    The same thing happened in 2 machines after upgrading.
    Someone knows what has produced this and how to solve it.

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    Re: MP 301 after updating does not configure network and blocks

    Unfortunately it sounds like you have installed the wrong firmware or not installed all firmware modules together and there is a conflict. Below is a list of all the newest firmware modules, compare them against what's on these machines and find out what is wrong / missing.

    aics aics GEN ( all ) D6605780 Ver.00.20.00
    Bank_POHNPEI1 Bank_1 GEN ( all ) D6615500A_bank1 Ver.01.010:02
    Bank_POHNPEI2 Bank_2 GEN ( all ) D6615500A_bank2 Ver.01.010:02
    browser D6595780F Ver.1.08.0
    Engine GEN ( all ) D1275770D Ver.1.04:05
    EXJS GEN ( all ) D6595782E Ver.1.18.00
    Fax GEN ( all ) D1275784M Ver.10.00.00
    Font EXP Font EXP GEN ( all ) D1275800 Ver.1.00
    GWFCU3.5-7(WW) GEN ( all ) D6555570L Ver.09.00.00
    Java VM v10 for eDC GEN ( all ) D6405748A_edc Ver.10.27.04
    Java VM v10 UpdateTool GEN ( all ) D6405748A_upd Ver.10.27.04
    Network Support GEN ( all ) D1275791P Ver.12.36.1
    NetworkDocBox NetworkDocBox GEN ( all ) D1275792F Ver.2.02
    OpePanel USA_ASI_KOR D1271498C Ver.1.04
    OpePanel.EXP EUR_CHN D1271491P Ver.1.24
    Option Netware Option Netware GEN ( all ) D6595781 Ver.12.09
    PCL GEN ( all ) D1275795L Ver.1.14
    PCL Font PCL Font GEN ( all ) D6415758A Ver.1.13
    PDF GEN ( all ) D1275798D Ver.1.04
    Printer GEN ( all ) D1275793L Ver.1.11
    PS3 PS3 GEN ( all ) D1275797A Ver.1.00
    PS3 Font GEN ( all ) D6415763A Ver.1.11
    RemoteFax GEN ( all ) D1275785E Ver.03.00.00
    RPCS GEN ( all ) D1275794C Ver.3.12.24
    Scanner GEN ( all ) D1275786H Ver.01.09
    System/Copy GEN ( all ) D1275780Y Ver.3.24
    Web Support GEN ( all ) D1275787P Ver.1.13
    Web Uapl GEN ( all ) D1275788F Ver.1.05

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    Re: MP 301 after updating does not configure network and blocks

    Thanks for the info.
    Problem solved. Indeed the blockade was caused by the lack of updating of one of the modules, specifically OpePpanel.
    Updating all the modules except this, caused the problem of blocking the machine to be outdated and try to configure the network from the panel of the machine.

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