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PM cycles are more related to rotations than actual copies.
To go back to your car analogy: a machine that performs larger runs, rather than 1 or 2 page jobs all day, will generally see the consumables last far longer. It's the starting and stopping that reduces life....Kind of like how highway miles Vs. City miles are so much easier on your car.
I agree that rotations are more important than copies. When copies or prints are made the ITB, PCDUs and fusing unit start rotating as soon as process starts. As an example, the ITB has to move past the cleaning unit then all of the drum units to pickup toner and finally to the PTR to apply the toner to the paper. They then continue to rotate until the page has been delivered to the exit tray. That is extra rotations at the start and the end of each job. The longer the job, the fewer the average extra rotations per page. The only PM parts that actually are rotations per page in nearly constant are the paper feed rollers and even for them there is a variation due to paper length.