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    Re: Sharp MX-950M Job Stuck

    The job log will show what printed, who printed it, what they printed, yadda yadda yadda. It will tell you everything you want to know about every copy. print or scan job. If it came to the machine, it will be in the job log. If you are getting jobs but no record in the log, this is usually something on there network; I call it a "network dump". A packet capture would clear all of this up.

    As to print memory, you can dump the PRINTER memory using SIM 67-17. However, this will effect several network settings and a backup should be done before running it. 66-10 is for fax memory clearing only....

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    Re: Sharp MX-950M Job Stuck

    Thanks for all of the help everyone, I ended up changing the IP address on our network. This is for our in-house machine in our repro shop so it was an easier solution than trying to hunt down the rouge machine imo. Since the IP change everything has been working just fine. I should add that this particular job hadn't been sent to the printer in at least a couple of weeks, so I really have no idea where it even came from. I'll chalk it up to black magic and wizardry and see if the phantom job comes back!



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