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    Quote Originally Posted by mojorolla View Post
    Silly, but I have not seen it mentioned. Is it on a 20 amp breaker? It is a 16 amp machine. We had one do something very similar with a 15 amp breaker.
    I will have to remember this as we sometimes put a cheater connection so that we can test the units on our 15 amp circuits!!

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    Please re-check all DC board fuses.

    Also, reseat all harnesses on the SCU board. I've previously had weird symptoms like this caused by a faulty SCU board (which the op panel is connected to).

    I also think this could be system memory. Replace the 1Gb module if you have one around. MX machines need a good system memory to fully bootup.

    If you had ALL options removed, then its engine based. Disconnect the ADF & test. The engine is waiting for something to finish initialising during startup.

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    The ADF was also removed. I will have the tech check the rest.

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    I just keep thinking that this is a fuser problem.

    I know you have tested without the fuser unit installed and with warmup heat off, but there have been cases where the contact thermistors on the fuser rollers were not quite touching the rollers, causing a very long warmup time, with please wait displayed.

    Please recheck the fuser, the thermistors are touching the rollers and the thermistats have not popped. Try another fuser unit if possible too.

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    I would definitely change out the system memory like wazza said.

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    How's this one going?

    We've thrown alot of ideas at it so far. I'm curious to hear if its fixed. I have alot of these out there and want to know the outcome on this one.

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    Only reason I am commenting is I am also interested in the final fix. If it is not fixed yet, I hate to ask but you said you removed the security kit. When you did so, did you reflash the firmare with the base software? Remember the security kit has a different system software version and the two cannot be mixed.

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    I'm also interested in this problem because I just came from a MX-4501 that's doing something similar. I turn on the copier, it initiallizes and goes through an auto copy quality adjustment and then goes into "please wait" and stays there. The fuser is heating up but the machine never comes ready. I tried reseating all the connectors in the back but no luck and I can't get into the service mode. If you can find a fix for this please post it. Good luck

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    On the C-Jupiter's, this can definitely be a faulty system memory issue (I've had it before). DIMM2 512Mb.

    When you say that you cannot enter service mode, are you meaning the operation panel buttons are not functioning or are they making the right 'beeps' yet nothing happens?

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