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    Xerox 700 Digital Press - 10-342

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    Re: Xerox 700 Digital Press - 10-342

    Quote Originally Posted by Caffeine View Post
    If your question relates directly to the topic of the original thread, I think it is much smarter to continue the old one. The fact that a thread is old is no reason to duplicate it, if it is directly thematically related. There is quite possibly good information already there in the old thread that will help out.

    Never hijack a thread, of course, but if it is the same error/same topic, I say it makes way more sense to continue where those before left off.
    Not policy... but has been guideline for as long as I've been here... Slimslob also notes to users like this also.

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    Re: Xerox 700 Digital Press - 10-342

    If you want to argue about old threads and weather or not they should be resumed or continued years later, maybe you should start your own thread in "General Discussion" otherwise offer help and stop thinking your a Mod.

    Mr Thompson,

    What is the meter on this unit? The decurler assembly is a HSFI part and needs to be replaced occasionally.

    Do you have waste toner leakage on the decurler drive? This would cause a false reading on the sensor.

    The error is an issue with the penetration motor on the decurler. Open the front door and cheat it open, remove the right cover to expose the decurler assembly. The code to operate in Diagnostics is 010-010, also test the motor rotation CC 010-011 (CW) and 010-012 (CCW).

    I hope this helps

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    Re: Xerox 700 Digital Press - 10-342

    Interface: according to the meter, it is over 800,000. yes there was some toner spillage. cleaned it up, cleaned and lubricated the shafts and drivers. i can't seam to get into the diagnostic mode you spoke of. how do i do that?


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