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  • Copier Systems
    • Jul 2024

    Sharp Ar5132

    Went to service copier that had a copy quality issue-contract-call.First problem was light copies dev had 60k changed dev it calibrated at 72did44-2-was210 44-3-210 did not run sim-20.Now i thank i have adrum ground is going into waste bottle,drum is semi-coated-bands
    Sky-shots were black but turned grey because most of the developer is in the t-waste do ifind out what is grounding,2. Copier will not run with charge unit out. diffrent c-unit-did not help all connectors were put back N-lamps are on copies are worse than before. any help would be app.Ionly have 5-7of these left in the field. That5132-25 was on tem-per-mental makes a good training machine. Help help I have service manual but it is usless on this problem.Had sim problem 7-8yrs ago but i ca
    nt remember the way to my office sometimes too much toner.ANDY H>

    Thank All for the help on that x-doc-ctre425 Have it running like a sharp
  • Duke
    • Sep 2005
    • 19

    Sharp AR5132

    Check the ground connections especially at the back of the drum unit, I have had oxidation problems with the ground connections. I emery cloth sand them and then apply a coat of chemtronics contact restore to protect from oxidation.....Duke


    • Copier Systems

      Sharp 5132ar

      From AndyH.
      What grounds are you refering to?I can see grounds on back of copier whare process-unit an charge assembly connect.Are there other areas
      that of concern.
      Thanks AndyH.


      • jclausen

        Drum Ground

        The drum is grounded threw the large round pin sticking through the rear frame. It lines up with the hole in the center of the drum.