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05-24-2008, 11:34 PM
I need help. I left my business and moved to the country, brought my Imagistics 3510 home with me and it has worked beautifully as my computer printer and copy machine. It does not have the imager to scan to email etc... this morning I went to print something and the display says Call for Service H4-00. Can someone explain what this code means? Or is there a service manual that a mechanically-inclined person could utilize? Any help appreciated!

just a tech
05-25-2008, 04:10 PM
"H4-00" is a fuser error code.(not heating properly).. possible things to check are listed below but more than likely, you will find your fuser thermistor dirty. To reset your code after checking/cleaning fuser components you will have to press [P]-->
--> [C]--> [14]--> [0]--> [then select "yes"].. afterwards, to exit service mode press "CA".. Good Luck..

heater lamp
control PWB
ac power trouble
door interlock switches

05-25-2008, 05:52 PM
This is a nice complete list of the possibilities for H4-00.

Most often there is an open in the heater lamp circuit (whether it's one of the heater lamps or the thermal switch or the contacts/connections).

Next most often, the thermistor becomes dirty/contaminated. The thermistor is a variable resistor that lowers the resistance when the temperature increases. In this way it communicates the roller's temperature to the temperature control circuit. If a buildup of toner collects on the surface of the thermistor it acts as insulation, causing the roller's temperature to increase above the desired temperature, and cause the temperature protection (thermal switch) to open (at ~190 C). The thermistor must be in contact with the roller. Any air gap will cause inaccuracy in the temperature measurement. Also if the orange teflon tape on the surface of the thermistor is torn it will read incorrectly.

If you had trouble following along in the discussion, it would be a good idea to hire a technician to fix this for you. It is important that the temperature protection (thermal switch) is working properly. It prevents the temperature from becoming so high that the machine could be a fire hazard.

I hope this helps.


05-26-2008, 06:05 AM
Thank you for this information. Blackcat4866 suggests hiring a technician, and I have placed that call. I found out our Electric Coop was running on reduced power just prior to this code appearing. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be a quick fix. Before I mess up anything and make it worse, I'll see if I can't find someone to drive out here and possibly put this on a service contract. The last fuser code error I dealt with was on a Lexmark product and we ended up replacing the machine after 3 service calls. I hope this is a better machine. Thank you for your input and explanations.

just a tech
05-28-2008, 03:33 AM
Before I mess up anything and make it worse, I'll see if I can't find someone to drive out here and possibly put this on a service contract.

Wise choice my friend. The quickest way to get yourself out of a hole is to quit diggin.. I, for one, am glad to see an end-user show good judgement by knowing when to say "when". We need more end-users like you. Hope all goes well..

05-28-2008, 04:18 AM
Thank you for the compliment. Just an update: I received a callback from the not-so-local repair technician place (100 miles away), which is the nearest one in my state. He will be out my way either tomorrow or sometime next week, which is fantastic.

I asked if there was any code I could do to try to clear the machine or give any information to prevent him from coming out only to clean the fuser, and he said "no, that the code H4-00 means that the fuser is needing to be replaced and there is no code to clear it." The office ladies informed me it's $300+ for the fuser itself and $175 per hour for mileage, but he will be up in my area, so I will only have to pay 1/2 hour for mileage. Once he's got the machine fixed, I will be signing up for a service contract, too.

It's humbling to know I can repair my car or truck, but when it comes to my copy machine....can't touch this. I downloaded a service manual for the Sharp 350, which I believe is what this IM3510 is, and saw all the codes to enter if it's this or that. I'm impressed with all you technicians! My hat goes off to you.

Thank you for your help and advice,
Donna ~ Notta_Tech

05-28-2008, 06:01 PM
Thanks, for the compliments. It is a wise man who can identify the limits of his skills. Technicians just get to test those limits a lot more often than the average person.

Often a power disturbance can cause the type of fuser error you've described.


05-28-2008, 07:05 PM
The tech will probably come out of Topeka, and more than likely will be Jay. I worked with Jay for 17 years and he is a great tech and person.
You will be in great hands with him.
It is possible that it could be Rex or Jeff also, Both are very good techs and I worked with them a long time (Rex 17, Jeff 5).
I even covered that area once in a while but mainly Atchison, Lawrence and Ottawa.
Good luck


06-28-2008, 03:25 PM
Here's a not-so-good news update. It was my understanding they were going to wait until they were closer to my area to come and look at my machine. Now I believe i've either fallen through the cracks or nobody uses them in my area anymore.

In either case, the outstanding customer service must only lie with the techs themselves because no one has called to keep me informed.

I'm going to stop by an office supply store in Beatrice NE today called Eakes to see if they have a technician. I'm tempted to load up the machine and take it to a tech, although the roads in Nebraska require a type of shock that my truck/trailer (and yours for that matter) don't have. Every car length is a bump in the road. I don't want to do further damage to a delicate machine.

Although haven't called Ray or Arnold at Valley Vet or Don at Landoll's, I thought about asking them if they have a service contract with Topeka on their copy machines. Ray would know, Don might need to refer me to another department. But, at least I would know if I'm being neglected.

Notta Tech
Today, Notta Happy Camper.

06-28-2008, 03:58 PM
I can't believe that I'm saying this, but somethimes you need to remind them about your service call.

Unfortunately sometimes calls do fall through the cracks, and in a busy service department there isn't a lot of time to pursue some of the lower priorities. I have worked for companies like this, and I apologise for them.

I'm sure that there is another dealer or an independent that can help you. You are right, in that bouncing it down the road can create other problems. I have always discouraged customers from bringing in console copiers. After the trip back it may have other problems, and it will look less clean than when you started.

There is another option here. You could bring in the fuser unit for repair at the dealership, then run the reset sequence once it is reinstalled. This fuser is very easy to remove. There are gray latches at the front and rear. Just pull the latch out from the top at the front and back, and the fuser comes right out. Just be sure not to drop it. Most customers do this at one time or another. This is a safe reasonable option is you have trouble getting someone to come out.

Good Luck. =^..^=

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