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06-05-2017, 04:38 PM
In my office we have 2 bizhub C203's they were both second hand. The director of the company was in on a weekend and decided to replace the transfer belt on one of the printers and put it in incorrectly and jammed the right door shut. This was replaced but kept for spares once the door had been forced open damaging (snapping) the catch off on the right hand side and damaging the loop which held the bar in place. When the other device started grinding I swapped the right hand door so that we could use the printer again. This took a large amount of work to pretty much dismantle the whole thing and put it back together again.
Now when I switch the printer on I get ther error C-3421 which I believe is "Fusing heaters trouble". I have swapped the fusers and reset the code to no avail. Before I diassemble and reassemble the machine I have a couple of requests.

On searching I have seen that the upper right door can cause this issue but no detail on how to resolve it just notes to check it. I was hoping someone may be able to give a bit more information on what causes this and how to resolve it.

The other likely solution in that I haven't reconnected one of the clips into the PCRB etc. when reassembling, although I am pretty sure this isn't the case. Can anyone spare any information on the routing of the cable from where it connects to the fuser through to the pcrb.

Thank you

06-05-2017, 10:08 PM
Check for any bend pins on the relay connector for the fuser. (front door+1 screw and cover) once I had similar when the connectore broke in half. PWR cables go direct to PWR supply and the blue harness to PRCB.

Have you forgot to plug in the RH side door switch? (Behind the front white panel)

When you replaced the whole RH Door..did you by any chance pinche any of the harnesses?

06-05-2017, 11:51 PM
and how did you try and reset the fuser? there is a procedure for this

06-06-2017, 01:24 AM
Are you an end user? Not sure why someone would attempt such a repair without training.

Another example if you would've just called a tech in the first place to replace the transfer belt you could've saved a bunch of money & aggravation.

With that being said and since you have a lot of time invested, I would re-check and inspect every connector you had to unplug to change side door. Either a pin is bent or not connected correctly. Since fuser wasn't removed then it has to be something you did changing the door. If you try that and still don't work re-post and I'll see if I can get you the # of connector for the fuser signal.

Oh yea, like wox posted did you try resetting the fuser code?

Good luck

06-28-2017, 07:33 PM
Thanks for your responses.
The device that I put the new door on was an older device and I did notice that some of the insulation on the wire harnesses was looking a bit worse for wear in some places so I would imagine I have a short somewhere. All connections appeared to be fine after stripping down the device again. I am going to replace the harnesses when I rebuild the device. If this fails I will just sell the devices to a refurbisher.

To reset the fuser I powered on holding down the utility button then selected trouble reset (I think) and waited for the OK message.

Copyman - I am very appreciative of your advice and assistance however don't quite understand the reasoning for your first 2 paragraphs, all they do is make a forum member feel unwelcome. As stated my boss took it upon himself to replace the transfer belt whilst I wasn't around, which annoyed me especially as he is the one who won't spend the money in the first place.
I am qualified and experienced in robotics however my recent circumstances have meant I have switched to a less demanding job as an IT manager for a relatively small company. Due to the size of the company I work for we currently use mostly 2nd hand equipment and it falls on me to maintain these devices. In most scenarios this is far from an issue. As I have no previous experience dealing with bizhubs I try and occasionally fail however I would say that I have the required skill set to complete any task on them especially with a little expert advice. So far I have found Copytechnet to be very helpful in that regard so I can't understand the need to try to belittle someone who is new to a forum you frequent to share your wisdom on. When using a second hand device it is often cheaper to attempt to repair and replace if unsuccessful than to call out a tech, and the money saved by doing this may in the future allow the company to grow to a position where we can comfortably afford to have a maintenance contract on much newer equipment from people like yourselves. Surely if you were to encourage questions and make people feel welcome it would increase site traffic and in turn advertising revenue which would allow this forum to grow.

Thanks for your help, I will let you know how I get on.


06-28-2017, 08:31 PM
Try and reset the error then switch the machine back on with the door open. This will prevent the fuser from rotating. If the error occurs with the door open then it would indicate a trapped wire or unplugged connector. If the machine boots up fine then close the door, if the error occurs at that point it's more likely to be the fuser. Hope this helps

08-25-2017, 11:15 AM
Thanks Hitman.
I tried what you said and the error appeared with the door open, indicating a likely issue with the wiring.
Decided to break one printer down to sell parts on ebay then sold the 3 devices as a job lot, as I had spent more than enough time on them.

Appreciate all the help guys.

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